smr-a-place-of-prayerSilent Meadows, A Place of Prayer, seeks to provide quiet, serene, natural beauty free of daily cares to rest in the movement of the Holy Spirit, drawing one to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through moments of solitude, prayer, and listening to the quiet voice of God within.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world; anyone who follows me…will have the light of life.” Jn 8:12

Sometimes our light dims with the burdens of daily responsibilities. Time to focus on the Holy brings healing, peace, and hope to our lives. Just a day of change from mundane routines can renew our spirits. Listening for the still small voice of God guiding our steps can lead us to new horizons.

Silent Meadows offers that opportunity. A day retreat quiets the heart, clears the mind, and heals the tensions of everyday life.

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Spiritual Day Retreats